Designed to give you the desired fun & rest


Get the most out of your stay with our amenities and experiences designed to give you the fun and rest you desire.

Beach dining; only available for a group of 6

We offer an assortment of the best beach-side dining experiences, Delicious food, excellent wine labels, ethereal settings and more.

Picnic on the Beach

What better way to spend the weekend cooling off with your loved ones other than hitting the sand and having a fabulous beach picnic? Thinking of a creative way to celebrate your birthday with a group of close friends with memories to last you a lifetime? Pack a picnic basket with some yummy bites, and grab a blanket, we’ve got the perfect destination for you where you can have the sand under your feet and wind in your hair. You know, nothing soothes the soul like a walk on the beach!

Beach side dinner

Romantic sunset dinner on the beach, offering great outdoor seating with a perfect sea view in sight. Book your romantic beach side dinner today.

Pool dining

Discover the perfect blend of relaxation and luxury with our special Pool Dining service. Enjoy delicious dishes created by talented chefs while you relax by the pool in the sunshine. It’s a unique culinary experience that combines great food with a stunning setting. This is more than just a meal – it’s a chance to indulge and enjoy genuine hospitality.

Floating Breakfast

Picture a serene pool, where you can savor a delicious breakfast spread while lounging in the water. Fresh fruits, pastries, and a selection of morning favorites, all delivered to your private pool.


Get the best PS5 experience, from kidfriendly platformers to cinematic, and action/adventure games


Build the habit of concentration playing the game of snooker.


Hone your precision and unleash your competitive spirit as you throw darts towards the bullseye.

Table tennis

The sound of the ball, the paddle in your hand, speed in your feet, engage in the incredibly fast and versatile game of Table tennis.

Board games

Have a family/friends night in with the best board games of all time. From chess and monopoly to new classics.


A great game for building decision-making skills and hand to eye coordination.


A classic table soccer game where you push the polls up and down to block the ball and twist them to fire a shot.


We have a regulated basketball court that gives players the correct amount of space to shoot, pass and score.

Beach football ball

Experience the sheer joy of playing football by the beach and feel like a kid again!

Limbo dance

Engage in the historic limbo dance to relieve your pent up stress.

Paint N' Chill

Get creative and unwind at Paint N’ Chill activities to explore your creative side.

Children's playground

A safe and fun space for kids to play and make friends. Swings, slides, and endless fun await!